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Thoughts and Comments

July 2014

Don''t wait until you 'feel like it"

I think that in some ways, exercising self-discipline is harder than ever before.

We're all encouraged to feel something should entertain us before it is worthwhile.

We become brainwashed with messages like:

"Don't do it unless you feel like it!"

"If it feels good, do it!"
"You have to have passion for it!"

Choosing to do something or not based on whether it feels comfortable/pleasurable or not is a disaster.

If I waited to 'feel like it' before exercising or working or making that tricky phone call or putting in the occasional all-nighter to meet a deadline, then I would be fat, poor, untrusted and unsuccessful.

In summary...

"Don't have a wishbone where your backbone should be!"

Simple steps to free yourself from mental chatter:

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and simply get a sense of your environment.
What do you see? Take in your surroundings. Observe without describing or defining it.
What do you feel physically? Feel the ground beneath your feet. If you are lying in bed, focus on the sheets against your skin or the softness of the pillow. Again, try not to analyze. Simply be present to the physical sensations.
What do you hear? Often we think we need silence to meditate, but that's not true. If it's noisy, use the noise as a focal point. The important thing is not to get caught in judgment or commentary. Be present to the noise.
Now that you are present, just breathe in and let yourself be.
This need not take long. For me, in only a few minutes, the peace-filled space between my thoughts begins to lengthen. I feel a sense of relief and harmony.
Meditations connect us to the Divine within. By moving beyond the chatter of our thoughts, personal dramas, and self-criticism, we access the presence of Peace that is always at our core.

Another amazing recovery - panic

Want to tell you about another hypnosis client who overcame a debilitating problem with a phobia over crossing bridges and some of her driving. We did "systematic desentization" while in hypnosis. Never heard of anyone doing this before. She says now that crossing bridges feels like flying! (By the way, all done by phone).
The steps were to first find out when she could drive and feel safe and in control (around her town), next we began to figure out what the next experience was that just began to cause her anxiety, then the next one that had more impact, leading finally to the panic about bridges. With hypnosis, we had her start in her safe place. Then gently would move onto the next upsetting circumstance but staying calm. Once she mastered that, we'd move onto the next, and so on. Finally with this process she could stay relaxed even with the most frightening situation. Mastered it, her emotions and her sense of being in control. Just plain amazing!!!
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