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Thoughts and Comments

November 2011

doing absolutely fantastic!

I am amazed!  I am quiet in my soul!  No fixation about food! 

Heading south for the winter

Am trying to get last minute stuff done…like directions for the kennel where I am boarding our shepherd.   Am still calm inside, no eating to do same!!  Just deep slow breaths and stillness for tiny periods of time…working! I do very much understand how you care.  That is what, among your skills, is making this work!! 
Love and a big hug,


It is absolutely amazing for me to not be antsy!   Tired yes, ready for a rest, yes, antsy, no!!!!!!!   Your  wizardry  with hypnotic words is incredible!!  I am so very blessed to have found you!!


"We a adore chaos because we love to produce order."

Thank You

Thank you so much for today, for your kindness, patience, and persistence with me!  Just got back from  dinner at a friend’s home.  Printed out your script.  Now ready to get to bed, and read it, thank you so very much!!  With your help, I will succeed with this endeavor!  


Thank you so much for being a significant teacher with me on my life journey.  The challenge we are working with is very significant to my wholeness in body and soul.  Two others have tried in different ways, didn’t work.  You are working with the center core, not just the “symptoms.”  This is the answer, the challenge yes, but the answer.   Re: an affirmation with the self-hypnosis routine.  You know me.  Do you have a thought as to what a good short  affirmation would be for me?  Short but sweet?  I used to think “lean and clean” but that isn’t enough.  Need the calm before it gets to the “lean and clean”!  The “clean” means eat basic,  fruit, veggies…not junk.

A thought today by one of my clients

An Easy and Free Thought to Live By, FreeWrite your post here.

A Special Note

Thank You, Robin for Calming My Anxiety & Panic with HypnosisShe's zooming through the process!

Does It Work

Did you know Rachmaninoff, Kevin Costner, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein are amongst the many famous and successful people have used hypnosis!

Oct. 31, 2011

I am thoroughly loving our times together, and my progress.  This is such an
exciting venture for me...first time I don't have to fight for control.   I
don't have the urge as much, and when I do, I think first!  And, can make a
wise choice, or a small amount of something fun...which is wise too, now
that I think about it!

That's It!!

Free Body and Soul Remove Pain, quit smoking

Hypnosis Explained on TV

I hope some of you saw the TV show "Human Body: Pushing the Limits" on the science channel (it will be replayed repeatedly over the next couple of days). The episode is called "Sensations. It showed how the human brain processes pain AND how hypnosis can completely short circuit any sense of pain. A dentist hypnotised his patient and then performed a tooth extration completely without any medication. The procedure took 45 minutes and the patient reported no discomfort at all! The please he actually felt lasted days until the tooth socket had healed. Amazing.
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